Polonaise in Ab Major, Op. 53 - Frederic Chopin

Played by yours truly.

Polonaise in F Minor for Two Pianos, Op. 77 - Saint-Saens

Piano I:@iplaychopsticks
Piano II: Yours truly.

Grandes etudes de Paganini: III. La Campanella - Liszt

Played by me at showcase.

You get to hear me mess up in high quality, lolol.

Ballade 3 - 4/6/2011 by Marius, Haggard

Italian Concerto in F, BWV 971: Mvt. I - Bach

Early, early morning pre-practice recording session.

English Suite No. 1 in A Major, BWV 806: Bourrees I & II - Bach

First audio post, like legit. Just crammed a practice session before my mom and siblings came home, hence not warming up and not really thinking about the structure of the music. Still have memorization issues in the second Bourree, but I think otherwise, my intentions musically were clear.

BTW- Rehearsal Assistant for Android is such a sweet tool. Easy to keep track of practice sessions… Not to mention, I’m going to go through my recordings on my computer and commenting and critiquing my performance. This recording is just one of 6 from my practice today.